Monday, March 21, 2011

Cultivating Compassion

This piece is a meditation on cultivating compassion. Sanskrit texts talk about two birds living within the tree of the body; one is the observer and the other is the enjoyer. When we turn toward our inner guide, we show compassion to ourselves. It's natural, then, to show compassion to others, both human and animals.
This is a large painting, and the seed of it came from this linocut I carved some time ago. Thanks for visiting!


Elena said...

Love the concept and painting!

Amanda Crawford said...

Really unique- I like the combination of naturalism and stiffness (I mean that in a good way!)! :)

INDIGENE said...

Great concept and execution! :)

Coreopsis said...

Lovely concept. I really like both the print and the painting. Though they're the same basic "subject", they have two really different feels.

Anne said...

Dear Nicola,
I am trying to contact you in order to offer you an artist in residence position at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. I am unable to find an email address for you. Could you please contact me at:
mette hjort

myrtle said...

OMG! brilliant your concept.=)

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