Friday, August 17, 2012

Inner Teacher

We all have an inner teacher in our heart. If we are fortunate enough to have friends who have moved through a patch of deep confusion, they are our teachers too; they usually guide us back to the clarity of what we know, deep down in our expansive self, to be true. This linocut is 16 by 18 inches, and so a large press helped me pull the print. : ) Hope you are having a great week!


ashley said...

very pretty! Love it.

Curious Art said...

Not only a lovely linocut, but a hugely important & deeply true message... I'm so glad you listened to your inner teacher!

Sarah said...

Beautiful work!!! :)

Nicky Linzey said...

Beautiful and a wonderful message too. Think I'm just coming out of a patch of deep confusion, your words help.

Helen Naylor said...

A great print. I am just starting out with lino printing so I am very jealous of what you can do. Great inspiration for me!

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