Monday, June 16, 2008

Moral Punchlines: “Without courage to face the unknown, no gain can be achieved.”

From the Panchatantra, ancient India's animal tales with moral punchlines: One day Jackal was wandering the forest, searching for food. Suddenly he heard a booming noise growing louder and louder. Jackal shivered and crouched down into a hole in the forest floor. After hours of worrying, Jackal got up thoughtfully; after all, no one was around. "Let me be brave and see for myself what is making this eerie noise," he said. Peering over a large bush, Jackal laughed uncontrollably. What he saw was a banyan tree whipping the remains of an abandoned war drum. And near the drum lay a pile of delicious food. Jackal chuckled, "If I hadn't overcome my fear, I would have missed this marvelous dinner!"
An 8 by 8 inch linocut, carved and printed today. Thanks for stopping by! :)