Friday, May 21, 2010

Bird Egg, Camera Walk and Haiku

Many folk tales have "within-within" imagery. For example, Russian fairy tales often involve a journey where the hero or heroine needs to find a magical object enclosed within many layers of objects or even animals. Here is Koshchey speaking, from Alexsandr Afanas'ev's collection of Slavic tales, describing to the heroine where his "death" can be found: "My death is far away. In the sea there is an island, on that island stands an oak, under the oak a coffer is buried, in the coffer is a hare, in the hare is a duck, in the duck is an egg, and in the egg is my death." This is 8 by 10 linocut, just carved and printed.

Camera Walk pictures—a one-block, half-an-hour walk.

And first haiku of summer:

Cry of the catbird
calls me back to sadhana
in the heat of May.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cocoon: to enclose protectively

Protective layers and the mysterious metaphysical energies just below the surface!
This is a small 4 by 6 inch linocut, carved in moments of wonder and humility. : )